Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ward Churchill's "Trail Of Smears" Ends

I guess it was most appropriate that American Thinker posted the article and link on April Fools Day. The phony Indian poser and academic fraud better known as  Ward Churchill and his lawsuit claiming the University Of Colorado violated his First Amendment rights was finally ended on appeal by the SCOTUS. What the funny part is the University of Colorado fired Churchill for academic fraud (plagiarizing) and not for the absurd litany of lies he's more famous for.

Come to think of it, Ward Churchill reminds me of a certain politician whose entire career is the result of mass marketing, affirmative action, white guilt, and a huge pack of lies. Anybody wanna guess who I'm thinking of?

I have a special disgust for Churchill. Not only for the things he has said about the death of three-thousand innocent people on 9/11/2001, but for masquerading as a member of the Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. When confronted in the past about his membership in the tribe Churchill neglects to mention that the membership is honorary and at one time the Keetoowah were handing out the memberships like candy on Halloween night. Bill Clinton, another world renowned liar also has one too. The Keetoowah have since repudiated Churchill as a member and stopped giving out the memberships - just another tidbit of information Ward usually omits when asked about being an Indian. Now if we could only get the other world famous fake Elizabeth Warren to fess up I'd stop being so pissed at these fake assholes.

The reason I have a special animosity towards these two scumbags is; I do possess REAL Cherokee ancestors (along with German and Irish blood) and have all the necessary paperwork to prove it. By using my Grandfather's BIA number and the Dawes roll I was able to trace my paternal lineage back to pre-Civil War Oklahoma territory. I have names of family members that go so far back they aren't Christian names. But, as I have posted several times before I will ALWAYS self-identify as an American. This is why I despise Warren and Churchill. They used lies to further their careers and have NEVER been able to prove it.

So I am ecstatic that Churchill's teaching career is (hopefully) now officially over and he won't have access and the ability to infect young minds any more. Lord knows where this wanker will end up. Many are speculating a position on PMS-NBC could be next. When you consider the trash employed there it would be entirely possible. But you can bet on one damn thing - we haven't heard the last from him. He's like dog shit in the park - you can find crap such as Ward all over the place.

Ward Churchill enjoying a sip of his favorite beverage
BTW, I stole the image here. Just giving credit where it's due. The site now appears to be dead. But it was quite funny for a while.

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