Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sequester This!

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Moochelle Omama was recently spotted at "Snoops Crib" having a cold glass of Old English 800 and feasting on some delicious soul food. Although she did her best to remain incognito, our ace Paparazzi and sometime investigator Seemore Butts caught the lovely First Lady in action in this candid photo.

Now this story and photo wouldn't normally be newsworthy but Moochelle has spent over four years now lecturing America on the merits of eating nutritiously while she heads out to a sumptuous meal of hot links, baby backs, and of course... Arugula. And her poser hubby, AKA the president, keeps reminding us of "shared sacrifice" on a daily basis while struggling to find time out of his busy golf schedule to actually do his job of running the country. Seems to me the Omama's should practice what they preach... shouldn't they?

Moochelle gets to fly on Air Force One while I have to deal with the worlds busiest freeway, better known as the 405 on a semi-weekly basis. She, along with the rest of the Omama family have personal White House Chefs, valets, and gofers while Mrs B and I have to make due with a weekly paycheck and whatever I can earn freelancing as a self-employed auto tech. She's already had three (or is it four) vacations since last November's election while Mrs B and I haven't had a real one since 2004.

Seems to me a little bit of the sequester that Omama family keeps trying to lay at the feet of Republicans (it WAS his idea) ought to find its way into the Omama household. Or is that too much to ask. No wonder she's trying to chow down at Snoops Crib on the sly. Oh that zany fucking Omama family. They're enough to make you sick ... cough ... spit ... choke ... gag ...puke...

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