Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Use A Pencil - Go To Jail

As was reported on American Thinker and a dozen other conservative websites I visit daily, a young boy in a second grade Virginia elementary school was suspended for POINTING a pencil at another student and going bang bang bang. They were fucking playing for Christ's sakes! Due to politically correct assholes - dodge ball, tag, monkey bars, and quite possibly farting will soon become felonies. What would happen if a young boy shook a hot dog at a young girl during lunch break in this or any other elementary school? Under today's guidelines would he face charges of attempted rape? I'm being serious here. That's how loony the people who run our schools have become and a great example of what happens when progressives are in charge of our educational system.

You can't make shit such as this up! But then again you don't need to. The shit-stains in charge of American school systems will are already doing it for us. What Islamic Terrorists, democreeps, politically correct assholes, and other progressive douchebags haven't been able to do is currently being done by the American educational system. I'm talking about turning young boys into young girls.

These young boys (and many girls) will someday become young men and women who will be the source of our next generation of Soldiers. The D.I.'s in boot camps are going to have some serious un-doing to create combat ready troops. This is something so ridiculous that it's hard to believe it's actually happening. And the scary thing is; incidents such as this are becoming quite common.

More On Gender Experimentation And Social Engineering: A great source of reading and informational material are the writings and books of Christina Hoff Sommers. She has laid out (is that a nasty word in this context?) the source of the problem in many cases - Feminism and the man-hating lesbians of NOW and several other groups. What's happening to young boys in America is no accident. It's an intentional attempt to phsycologically neuter the young men of America. And via our school systems and radical feminism it's working. 

I realize my opinions and the answers to my statements on what's happening to our children are much more complex in their nature and require a far better analysis than I gave above. But - we are fucking with young minds and doing things to these children that CAN'T be undone later. At least no without a lot of effort and therapy. We need to let boys be boys and quit trying to turn them into mindless zombies and puppets because progressives want to practice social engineering on a mass scale. These children are our future.

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