Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mayweather Vs Alvarez

I don't usually order pay-per-view fights. For one, money is too tight these days for my family. My wife works hard enough without me throwing it away on what usually turn out to be lame fights. IMHO I haven't gotten my money's worth since the Ray Leonard vs Thomas Hearns fight back in 1981. I hope tonight is an exception to the rule since my Wife ordered the fight for me (thank you Woman) as an early birthday gift.

Now for the real question. Who's gonna win? It depends on which Floyd Mayweather shows up to fight. If it's the dancing track star I saw back in May who tip-toed around Robert Guerrero for twelve rounds and avoided any type of infighting and trading blow-to-blow it's probably gonna be Mayweather... which will make for a very boring fight. Should Canelo get inside Floyd's very very good defense and make an impression there's a good chance he'll get a real brawl going and Floyd will suffer his first K.O. Mayweather can NOT punch with Canelo Alvarez plain and simple. And they both know it.

This is the classic old lion vs young Lion fight we often see when one fighter is on the way up and the other has hit and perhaps passed his peak. Has Floyd Mayweather stayed too long? I asked the same question about Manny Pacquiao around a year ago when he started looking just a bit more vulnerable and slowed down. Well low and behold he walked right into a perfect Juan Manuel Marquez right and ended up on queer street.

Bare in mind that Floyd has never been seriously damaged in a fight and is a young thirty-six while Manny Pacquiao fought some wars and it was beginning to show. Sometimes a fighter will age ten years in one fight if he picks the wrong opponent. Even Floyd Mayweather has admitted to hand picking his last few opponents to keep the odds in his favor. It doesn't help that there are too damn many boxing organizations to really make sure the best fighters are always matched against the best. There's too much ducking of opponents going on in prize fighting to take some of the fights seriously.

Tonight may be the surprise fight I've been waiting for the last few years. I respect Floyd's ability as a fighter but I don't like his big fat mouth or the fact he beats up on his women. If he does decide to go mano a mano with Canelo Alvarez he's gonna get an ass-whipping. Here's hoping the man nick-named Cinnamon will give Floyd the beating he so richly deserves and will close that mouth tonight.

My Prediction: Alvarez wins in a decision is my prediction.Either that or Alvarez will knock his block off by the seventh round. What's your call?

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