Saturday, September 7, 2013

Addendum To My Previous Post

In my last post I asked the question as to why the clowns and sycophants of Hollywood haven't had anything to say about Hussein Omama's anticipated attack on Syria. Especially when one considers that the criticism of George W.Bush was non-stop when we entered Iraq and Afghanistan. Well hot damn! We have an answer from one of the most far left assholes ever produced by Tinsetown - Ed Asner. It boils down to "white guilt".

From the late great Andrew Breitbart's site (among others) comes this little tidbit. It seems the shit-stains of Hollywood are suffering from a collective "white guilt" when it comes to Omama. This validates just about every criticism I have made concerning the media and democrats in general when it comes to why Berry Hussein Soetero Omama was elected president to begin with when his qualifications consist of.. of... of... JACK SHIT!

In early 2009 I correctly predicted that most major media criticism of Omama would stop due to the fear of being labeled a racist. I also predicted that cartoonists would hesitate to draw caricatures of Omama for fear of being trashed. I was partially correct on that one too. Thank goodness some people on the conservative side haven't been frightened into a PC box and draw president Dumbo as he appears, jug ears and all.

White guilt is nothing more than racism in another sleazy form. The RevRearEnds Jesse Jerkson and Al Sharpton know it. The dick-heads of PMS-NBC know it. And just about every democrat in congress, especially the congressional black caucus know it too. And they've been exploiting this curious disease that infects the liberal mindset for the last forty years with wonderful results - and in the process making a great living taking advantage of stupid liberals (redundancy check).

As I've stated many times Political Correctness (along with liberalism) is a disease that will destroy our country. It attacks critical thinking and promotes TRUE censorship all under the guise of not hurting someones feelings. The great cartoonist Thomas Nast is now rolling over in his grave. His cartoons of politicians were some of the most entertaining and thought provoking works of art ever seen. Now days I often read MAD magazine to get my occasional dose of of political caricatures and satire.

I don't feel I'm being melodramatic here. We are fighting for the heart and soul of America and due to fear of hurting someone's (Omama) feelings we are being cowed into silence. This is one battle we can NOT afford to lose.

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