Friday, May 9, 2008

Fuck Windows XP Scan Disk!

I am sitting here right now just steaming because I broke one of my own Cardinal rules. I let Windows Scan disk run in XP after a system lockup and crash. I had to shut Windows down by just hitting the restart button on my puter when it locked and after letting Scan disk run for an hour or so it wiped out about 60 gigs of Music Vids, Mp3's and backup data.

Scan disk will not prompt users for permission if it finds problems with files, folders, cross-linked shit, sectors or partitions. It just goes ahead and deletes what it doesn't like. I ran a recovery program and it worked great. The problem is all I recovered was shit. Corrupt fucking shit!

I have 2 hard drives in my puter. One is slaved to the other and I'm always backing up the C: drive to the D: via an image file by using Norton Ghost. What I haven't been doing is backing up my redundant D: drive by burning the data to disk. Now I'm fucked.

I figure I've lost about the last year of Mp3 downloads and YouTube video conversions to the great cyber here-after. Yeah, I know it's my own karma because some of this music I downloaded is bootleg. The problem is I'm an old fuck and the only way I can find this music is via Peer to Peer trading. It isn't being sold anymore. Walk into Best Buy and go to the music DVD section and all there is is nothing but Rap and Hip Hop. Fuck that!

It's all my fault. I should have known better but I haven't been backing up my data by burning redundant DVD's of my music and important files. Now I have to go dig up about a hundred various disks and try and recover what Scandisk "fixed". It's my fault for letting it happen. I broke one of my most important rules. What a fucking dummy I am. The very first thing they taught us in the Computer Information Systems course I took is... ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES!!!!!!!

I think I'm gonna pull a cork tonight and drown my sorrows by listening to music. Problem is I'm gonna have to dig up my music CD's and DVD's instead of listening to the files off my late, great, corrupted D: drive. Someone give me one-hundred lashes please. FUCK!

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