Friday, March 27, 2009

Where Are The Race Hustlers Now?

Four Oakland Police Officers Murdered By Lovelle Mixon!

Where are the RevRearend Al Sharpton, Jesse "Baby Daddy" Jackson, Charles "The Angry Black Man" Barron, Cornell "Reparations" West and many of the other so-called Black leaders when it comes to Black on White Crime? Why haven't they made an appearance in Oakland Kalifornia concerning the murders of four Oakland Police Officers by a street thug? Could it be because this is a clear-cut case of a criminal being justifiably shot and killed after killing four Police Officers? Or is it because the four Officers were White? I can't even begin to imagine the fallout if the races in this case were reversed. The Press would be going crazy.

Al Sharpton, among others, sure waddled his fat ass down to Jena Louisiana when it was convenient and allowed him to score a few points and get a few miles out of another racially charged case. He did the same thing with proven fraud Tawana Brawley and the recent Chimp cartoon in the New York Post. Why are these "Leaders" silent? Or are they only concerned with race-relations when it suits their purposes, gains more mileage for them and fattens a few of their wallets?

If I remember correctly The RevRearend Al Sharpton (and the Lame Stream Media) were strangely silent on the slaughter of Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsome two years ago. Then again this was a Black on White crime so it didn't count.

By now I'm sure most well read people are aware of the shootings and MURDER by Lovelle Mixon of four Oakland Police Department Officers. In the process the Oakland Police shot and killed Mixon. You can click on the Mixon link above to read about Mixon, the so-called victim of Police Abuse. But just how many of you are aware of the protests on Oakland by the Uhura Movement? The Uhura Movement is a small fringe group based in St. Petersburg Florida who support "Pan African Civil Rights". Here is their Blogspot Site? if you can stand the content and can stomach the material.

Until Blacks and their leaders in American stop embracing drug addicts, murderers, thugs, and pimps (Marion Barry, OJ Simpson, Mixon, Tookie Williams, Kwame Killpatrick, Snoop Dog) as their role models, no one, no matter what color, is going to take their legitimate grievances seriously. These protests in Oakland by the Uhura group diminish every legitimate claim of Police Abuse and Racism therefore dishonoring and disrespecting the real sacrifices of Black victims in the U.S.A.

Oh yeah - I'm still waiting to hear from Al, Jesse, Charles, Kwame, and all of the other Black Leaders in America. Here's your chance to stand up and get some real "cred". I won't hold my breath waiting.

One last thought: The Police do discriminate.....against criminals. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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