Friday, March 6, 2009

Reich To Head New Cabinet Department!

Today the Obama administration announced the creation of a new Cabinet Department. To be known as the Dept of Transparency, the new bureaucracy is being created to counter the conservative blog sites who have an annoying habit of printing facts detrimental to the new President.

The new Department will be headed by Robert Reich. Reich, who is recognized as one of the leading spin masters of the Clinton administration will be right at home. Here, in the photo on the left, is the new cabinet head, Reich, discussing current affairs with Bawny Fwank, Nazi Pelousy, and Cholly Rangel. The topics discussed were the banking crisis, the economic enema stimulus, and the mortgage bailouts.

When accused of being just a talking head for the new administration, Reich took offense and said "if we only put our heads together we can do more than just discuss this nations problems, we can get ahead of them". "I'm more than just a figurehead" thundered Reich. Reich also denied he was just paying lip service to the Nation's problems. "I'm really gonna sink my teeth into these problems" the new cabinet head quipped. "I won't be just another talking head".

Pelousy, Rangel, and Frank had nothing but praise for the Reich. "let's hope he doesn't get dwarfed by all the publicity" was Nazi Pelousy's comment. Bawny Frank only said "pwease, we need to addwess these issues and we'll get back to you". Cholly Rangel had no comment. He was busy filling out a rental agreement on an apartment in Manhattan.

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