Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing The Web's Newest Asshole!

As is often the case with the far-left, their tactics when it comes to protesting or disagreeing with someone tend to be childish. Check out the YouTube video of this warmer behaving like an eight year old. It could have been worse I suppose. This Donkey Dick could have tossed a pie or a couple of tomatoes. His parents must be so proud. Then again he most likely learned his behaviour from them. I'm fifty-six and I would just love to take this lamer out into the front yard and show him what a real protest is all about.

Whether you believe in AGW or not this childish bullshit does nothing to advance the cause. He needs an ass-whipping. links to the video below.

Off Topic, but the pop-ups on hotair are really starting to piss me off. Pop-ups have ruined more than one great site. I hope Ed or Michelle over there wise up and get rid of the ads. The ads suck and they're fucking up the site.

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Winfred Mann said...

Doesn't the little prick know that AGW is a fraud?
The higher temperatures were manufacture by the so-called climate scientists, who perpetrated criminal fraud, and locked out dissenting scientists who disagreed with them, costing taxpayers and private industry billions of dollars.
I'd like a few minutes in a room with him. I'd wipe the smile off his face, quickly. He looks like a pansy.