Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Unions + Liberals + Democrats = The Death Of A Once Great American City - Detroit

This very revealing video below has been making the rounds on the web the last few days. If, after watching and listening to the lessons of this video you're still convinced that the Democratic Party has the best interest of America at heart, you're either blind or stupid.

To be fair, mismanagement from the executives of General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford, along with the greed of the UAW also played a major hand in the death of Detroit. But pay attention to the Democratic Party and their entitlement programs and the role they played in destroying what was once a great American city. The late Coleman Young, former Mayor of Detroit and his racist politics also deserve a huge share of the blame. The sad irony is Detroit was a Democratic stronghold - and still is. And the Democratic Party is now attempting to do the same thing to America as they did to Detroit via the Healthcare Bill.

And on the eve before the Democrats in the Senate vote for a huge Federal takeover of a major part of the U.S. economy, consider the parallel of what has happened in Motown. The city is a virtual ghost town because of Federal entitlement programs and Union demands that ultimately destroyed the city. Can it happen on a National level? You bet it can.

The Healthcare Bill the Senate is on the verge of passing is a huge turd that's rolling downhill. And it will only gather up speed and stink as it progresses. Watch the video below. We have been given an outstanding example of blatant political corruption through the kickbacks and bribery Harry Reid and the Democratic Party have bestowed on Nebraska, Florida, and Arkansas, among others by the process of buying votes.

Once again, with the the Healthcare Bill, the Democratic Party is making the same mistakes on a National level as they made in Detroit and expecting different results. And that, as it has been said many times before, is the ultimate definition of stupidity.

Postscript: read some of the comments from Hotair by clicking the link below on the the fine art of how to destroy an American city and the collateral damage that results. The debate was quite lively. Pay close attention to some of the most ridiculous rationalizations you may ever read posted by some of the progressives trolling on Hotair.


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Winfred Mann said...

That is the liberal model city : everyone lives in poverty.

What will we do with the batteries for these alternative automobiles when they go dead? Sounds like another toxic waste problem.