Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Very Special Christmas Gift To America's Liberals And democrats From The World Of Greasywrench

I'd like to wish A hearty Christmas "Kiss My Ass" to America's libs, progressives, democraps, and Washington Politicians for giving us the Healthcare Bill we are going to receive for Christmas in 2009. BTW, I will no longer capitalize the word democrat for obvious reasons. They just don't deserve the respect.

To those in the Senate who supported this POS legislation - a large majority of Americans didn't want this bill passed and you chose to ignore them and rammed it through anyway. It will cost billions trillions we can't afford. You've lied, bribed, and outright bought the votes of your fellow Dems in order to get it through the Senate. You've also fucked over the American Medical Profession by passing this monstrosity and then trotted out a worthless endorsement of the AMA.

The truth is; this bill is not about healthcare - it's a blatant power grab by democrat politicians. It's a surreptitious attempt at recruiting the next generation of democrat voters by defacto enslaving them to entitlement programs and welfare schemes for life! Lyndon Johnson did the same thing in 1965 with his "Great Society" programs thereby assuring the Democrats of a huge voting block of Senior Citizens and African-Americans for generations to come. And we all know how the "Great Society" worked out for Black Americans. The government encouraged welfare over work and in the process helped destroy millions of Black families. Ask anyone from Detroit how the "Great Society" worked out for them. Just one more gift from the democrat Party.

And the gravy on the taters is the bill is in all likelyhood Unconstitutional... and you liberals know it! That shows how little respect you have for the oath of office you douchebags took when you were sworn in. You swore to uphold the Constitution - not trash it! If your fellow Senators had any integrity or values many of you so-called leaders would be facing impeachment instead of a lovely Christmas holiday.

Another kernel of corn in this Turd of a program is the benefits won't kick in for another five years even though the taxes begin next year. That gives Obama and the dems a great way to cook the books and claim it has a negative effect on the huge deficit in the budget. And President Obama also promised the bill would not be used to treat illegal aliens. To quote Joe Wilson, a great Republican politician from South Carolina - "YOU LIE".

So... here on The World Of Greasywrench, I'd like to reciprocate by giving an appropriate gift to the dems and liberals. I'll do my best to make sure every liberal fool and halfwit who supported this bill wakes up tomorrow to find my thoughtful present (see photo above) under their Christmas Tree. I will slide down as many chimneys as my buddy Santa Claus and I can manage tonight, to deliver these lovely gifts. Click on the image above to read my special message to America's liberal Politicians.

I was going to image-edit as many kernels of Corn as I could into the photo but I didn't want to symbolically waste the food. When the dems get through with the American taxpayer, a single kernel of corn is going to be worth its weight in Gold.

And to all fellow Conservatives and Libertarians - Merry Christmas.