Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When I Said The Democrats Are Drunk With Power I Wasn't Kidding! Senator Max Baucus Concurs

Here's an interesting vid I watched on Hotair and a few other sites last night and it speaks for itself. The question is: did Max Baucus have a little too much Christmas Cheer when he gave this slurry attempt at a speech last week?

Last week (December 23) Senator Max Baucus gave a speech on the Senate floor and I ask that you judge for yourself if there's something wrong with him. I don't care of Baucus is drunk, high on Quaalude, Rainbows, or Reds. This man is writing and passing legislation and this is how he presents himself? No matter how he spins it, the man is definitely impaired in this speech. BTW, let's see if the gutless turds at YouTube pull this video. That wouldn't surprise me one bit.

I've been known to pull a cork from time to time and I can tell a drunk when I see one. BTW, Baucus is also the name of the Roman (or is it Greek?) God of Wine.

Oh those Zany Democrats - what a rich and endless source of material for a blogger.

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Winfred Mann said...

I've seen this. Disgraceful, isn't it. Imagine if a Conservative or Republican did the same; we'd never hear the end of it.