Saturday, May 12, 2012

They Think We're Stupid ... Or Blind

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The "they" refers to ALL politicians. But right now this post concerns Omama and his energy (non) policies. While I was visiting the Hot Air website this afternoon Ed Morrisey posted this article. It featured the Omama energy pie charts from Wednesday and the "new improved" version from today There was a blaring difference in the charts. Enlarge the image by clicking on it and see if you can spot the change.

As reported by Hot Air, on Wednesday there was no depiction of Coal as an energy source in the chart. Today it magically reappeared. Remember - Omama said in 2008 that he intended to "bankrupt" the Coal industry via Crap N Trade. Understand that "bankrupting" the Coal industry isn't just putting an energy supplier out of business - it means ending many many thousands of jobs. Omama, along with the EPA know that ending Coal as an energy source is a job killer and they don't seem to give a shit.

Now that he's "officially" running for re-election Omama suddenly remembered that the Coal mining is vital to American industry and jobs  - hence the sudden reappearance of Coal in the pie chart. Oh - I almost forgot. There just happen to be millions of votes at stake in the Coal producing states, especially Pennsylvania. Could that have something to do with this?

I guess Omama is still "evolving" when it comes to energy. Either that or he's lying again. I despise politicians - all of them.

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