Friday, June 8, 2012

Marxine Waters

Marxine Waters
It was a great week for Conservatives and fiscal sanity in Wisconsin but let's not forget that Idiocracy still reins supreme here in The People's Republik Of Kalifronia. 

Marxine Waters will almost certainly be re-elected for the ELEVENTH time. I've blogged about Marxine several times over the past years. She's even been the recipient of a Douchebag Award. But once again the hag from the South Central will be handed another term in congress. Term limits anyone?

So as we celebrate the intelligent folks of Wisconsin remember that here on the left coast the electorate aren't what we could call rocket scientists. And now that the House Ethics Probe will continue on Marxine all we can hope for is our congress will grow a set of balls (or Ovaries) and send this witch packing - but don't bet on it. She's "served" long enough. And to plagiarize Marxine - she can go "straight to Hell" if and when she ever finally goes.

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