Saturday, June 2, 2012

Omama - Stolen Valor Or Just Another Photo Op?

Saint Berry
Just when I thought the assholes of the W.H. Press Corps couldn't piss me off any more - they piss me off more!

Today on Hotair and American Thinker two stories were featured that had me fuming. Both stories featured the latest Heavenly photo-op of Omama's Memorial Day visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. and we were treated (again) to the image of Omama with the "divine" glow of a halo around his head at the Memorial.

Republicans and democrats have been following tradition and protocol by laying wreathes at the Tomb of The Unknown for years and I understand that. It would be a great and decent thing if they would leave it at that, but they don't. Memorial Day is to honor the fallen Veterans of America. It is NOT an opportunity for politicians of any party to exploit for political gain.

Haven't the Lame Stream Media pulled enough of this creepy deification shit with Omama? It's bad enough that Moochelle Omama recently claimed "this president has brought us out of the dark and into the light" which in itself is a HUGE fucking lie when you consider America's financial situation and outlook. And do the Omama's hold themselves up to be some kind of twentieth century Messiahs? Does Moochelle really believe this ridiculous shit? Or how about the Omama insertion of himself into damn near every Presidential biography of the twentieth century? Is there something pathologically wrong here? You decide.

Haven't we seen too many images and read too many stories of Omama's God like status? Some of the Omama photos remind me of the 1930's images from Nazi Germany. I'm referring to the images picturing Germans (IE democrats) weeping and pissing themselves at the very sight of Adolph Hitler. The late Kink Junk Mentally Ill of North Korea also comes to mind when I see these halo photos and read the stories. There is something wrong with this (pun intended) picture.

When I think of the lame stream media I'm reminded of a great line from the 1960 movie Spartacus from Crassus to Glabrus (I'm paraphrasing)
"We already look like fools. Let's not add the trappings of a clown"

The lame stream media have looked like fools for too long. Now they've entered Clown territory.

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