Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another Idiot Who's NOT Useful

For any of you readers who are smokers and or old enough to remember the sixties this may ring a bell. At one time my Mother (a smoker) had a series of "artful" ashtrays through the house made of of colorful characters from history. The one that stands out was the old "Smiling Buddha". Needless to say her idea of "art" was quite questionable.

In the last few weeks as I watched news clips of Kink Junk Unck, the current Idiot ruling North Korea, my Mother's ashtrays came back to me. It finally dawned on me who Kink reminds me of - the smiling and jolly fat Buddha that sat in our living room next to the coffee table. The resemblance is uncanny. Unfortunately we can't dump the fat little bastard into the trash as we did with the cigarette butts.

I don't really know what the answer is to Kink Junk Unck. Perhaps we could fire an ICBM loaded with itching powder into Pyongyang. Or load a warhead with the Mumps virus that would leave the men of NoKo sterile as they goose-step down the streets of the country's capital. Some Ex-lax disguised as Chocolate bars would be a hoot. Then again people who are already starving (thanks to their leaders) wouldn't have anything to crap out... hmm... there must be an answer to put this fat little shit back in line. As for me, war is not the answer (sorry about the cliche). We need to expose him to the world for the joke that he is. One good joke deserves another. Of course these are all contingency plans in case the little dick-head fires off a nuke.

Now due to political correctness that now infests our country I doubt you could ever find any smiling Buddha ashtrays these days. So I plan on marketing my own version and very soon. It could be that clever idea and "better mousetrap" idea I've been searching for all  my life that would make me a millionaire. Then again the Omama IRS would probably find a way to tax and return me back into poverty. I can't win for losing.... But I might just give it a shot. This ends today's stream of consciousness and dumb ideas.

Final Thoughts: What can I say? I'm bored and the final episode of Spartacus doesn't air until tomorrow night. It's a damn good thing I no longer drink or smoke choom. If that were the case, think of the nonsense (besides my regular screeds) that would otherwise be appearing on this blog on a daily basis. After all - you gotta consider that I am from Kalifornia when you read my stuff. It's my only excuse. Good night all.

Fat Bastard

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