Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two "Useful Idiots" Go Into A Cuban Bar...

No, this isn't some silly-ass joke. It's about the special treatment the Treasury Department (???) gave J-Z and Beyonce by allowing them to visit Cuba. Maybe they went for the Cigars (I didn't know Beyonce smoked) or for a fresh cane of sugar? Who knows? But one thing is for sure - they were given the Potemkin Village treatment once they got there. The same as other American idiots such as Michael Moore, Marxine Waters, Oliver Stone, Harry Belafonte and other chumps and chimps. You can damn well bet they didn't get to see the real Cuba or its medical treatment. Ask Hugo Chavez how that worked out for him... oops, he died after Cuban medical treatment. My mistake.

Now when I say the real Cuba, Michael Moore and his slobbering love affair with Cuban medical care comes to mind. Here's a link to illustrate the authentic medical care the average Cuban receives. You bet your last dollar that world-class liar and dupe Michael Moore never got to see these clinics and hospitals on his many visits to "document" Cuba's medical system. Then again he most likely would have found a way to rationalize or justify the conditions and blame it on the American embargo. Before you click on the link be warned - it's quite graphic.

There's a reason we have embargoed Cuba. Hard foreign currency is used to support the Communist frauds known as the Castro brothers and to prop up a government that would have failed years ago if it weren't for the old Soviet Empire and other useful idiots and naive fools who never get to see what their money is supporting.

And just what in the hell is the Treasury Department doing when it comes to issuing travel permits? What about the State Department? Isn't this their territory? You can bet one fucking thing - somewhere in all of this lays the sleazy, slimy, skinny, and greasy hand of Berry Hussein Soetero Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama. It's called quid-pro-quo, tit-for-tat, scratch my back, etc... It's just more corrupt political payback for the support last November from the douchebags in the entertainment industry.

Now I'm not politically naive, I realize the billion dollars spent re-electing Omama required some type of payback. But by doing so I wonder how many more poor starving Cubans will end up being re-educated, punished and tortured, or forced into braving the Florida Straights and hungry Sharks on an inner-tube just for a chance at freedom? Does Beyonce or J-Z care? Michael Moore? Anyone in the lame entertainment business? Do you really think Berry Omama gives a shit? I think we all know the answer.

Two Useful Idiots With Bodyguards

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