Friday, April 5, 2013

Sooner Or Later "Diversity" Will Get Someone Killed

Fellow conservative blogger Aggie95 over at Right Wing Fringe posted this article this morning and I couldn't let it slide without putting in my two cents. The diversity mentioned in the title of this post concerns recruitment/job requirements for public pool lifeguards in the city of Phoenix Arizona. It seems there are no actual physical requirements for the job - including the ability to swim well. (White males need not apply)

Call me crazy but I see some sort of a lawsuit down the road should someone be injured or drown in one of these pools - all in the name of social engineering. Now don't get me wrong - anyone can be taught to swim. But being a strong swimmer capable of saving someone thrashing about or drowning is something that might, just might, be something that has to do with gender (I.E. physical strength). Lives are at stake and these liberal assholes are pushing a political agenda that will get someone dead.

I've just saw an example of shit such as this today of this on a FOX video of a female TSA officer being attacked by a homeless woman in a Hawaiian airport. The screener was on the losing end of a beat down when a MAN jumped in to save her ass. I've seen the same thing happen on an episode of C.O.P.S. a few years back when two female officers were overpowered in a bar by drunks in a brawl and they too had to be bailed out by male officers. All in the name of diversity. I bet the personal injury lawyers in Phoenix are licking their chops right now in anticipation of all the government cash to be won in future lawsuits. Wait and see.

I guess it's time for me to apply for that Nuclear Physics position at the JPL in Pasadena. I don't know jack shit about nukes but hey - I'm a left-handed, green-eyed, Irish, Cherokee, German male of fifty-nine years. If that doesn't put me into some sort of minority category then nothing does. Ain't affirmative action great.

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