Friday, April 5, 2013

The Douchebags Are Back And Jim Carrey Is One

The Douchebag Awards are back after several months and we're proud to announce a new recipient. Canadian comedian Jim Carrey was awarded his prize this week in a gala Hollywood ceremony. His qualifications include...

  • Insulting America's LEGAL and law abiding gun owners in a recent video.
  • Trashing and stereotyping Southern Americans with the same cliche riddled anti-gun video.
  • Defaming a true American hero, the late Charlton Heston, knowing Heston can no longer reply.
  • Continuing to impersonate a comedian via his infant level and thoroughly unfunny movies.

Just my opinion but Carrey hasn't made a funny movie in the last fifteen years. He peaked with "Dumb And Dumber". I also came to the conclusion that Dumb And Dumber wasn't an acting performance at all but instead a autobiographical two-hour long expose of the REAL Jim Carrey.

In the ceremony pictured below we see a grateful Carrey lovingly fondle his Douchebag Award and contemplating the end of his career for alienating at least half of America's movie going public. This is a prize he richly deserves. Enjoy it Jim - you earned it!

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