Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Omama's "Slave" Roots? Bwaaa haa haa haaa!

From American Thinker comes this hilarious and revealing article. Now the butt-lick in chief is trying to beef up his "street cred" by claiming "slave roots". And the irony is; he's claiming them through his lily-white Mother's side of the family.

It stands to reason Omama can't claim any slave ancestors from Kenya since it's on Afirica's East coast. How fucking much more desperate and deceptive can these assholes from the Omama campaign get? And as Catharine Evans, author of the article states, what the fuck happened to the post-racial American and great unifier we heard about in 2008? Looks like Omama is throwing himself under the bus. Unifier my ass!

If I didn't know any better I'd swear the Elizabeth Warren people cooked this shit up. And what percentage of slave was Omama's mother? 1/128th or something? I swear I couldn't make this shit up if I were frying on mushrooms or LSD. Other than appealing to the race factor what the fuck else is the reason for digging this useless shit up? Even if it's true, what's the point?

And David Axleroid is the perp responsible for this fairy tale. More "Chicago Way" ethics I guess. Omama, Axleroid, and all of Omama's campaign people are appealing to the lowest common denominator and most racially divisive factor in American politics - the racism of black voters to gin up support. As I (along with a couple million other conservatives) predicted three years ago the Omama people would fall back on the last, and I mean the very last card in their democrapic bag of tricks - the race card when their president was exposed as the fraud he is. Since the liar-in-chief can't run on his record it's all they have left. Slave roots my ass!

More Musings From Zonation

Time for another Alfonzo Rachel post. No need to explain things here. He does just fine without me. Just watch, listen, learn. Then lather, rinse, and repeat.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Do They Really Wanna Pick This Fight?

Newsweek, among other rags long ago gave up any pretense of objectivity. Expecting these assholes to be impartial is a ship that sailed many years ago. The best way to fight their lies is with the truth. So in honor of the recent Newsweek cover that insinuated Romney is a Wimp, I thought I would fix the damn thing with my own version.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Never Liked The Muppets Anyway!

More fun with images...

There's nothing sleazier than using children's toys and images for propaganda purposes. Then again, the libs have a long history of doing it. Hey, ain't I doing the same thing? Oh well, tit-for-tat I guess.

Why Gun Control Laws Are Bullshit!

In 1992 in Los Angeles we saw why gun control laws are useless. Watch the video below and see if you agree.

I've grown up in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. I've spent most of my entire life (58 years) here. And I've seen south central L.A. damn near burnt to the ground twice. Once in 1965 during the Watts riots and again in 1992 after the first verdicts were read in the L.A.P.D. trial for the four officers who beat Rodney King. Both times we saw an example of what happens when society and laws break down.

We can't depend on the Police: During the 1992 riots the LAPD was outgunned and out-manned. They finally gave up on any pretense of maintaining law and order and stood around doing NOTHING while thieves, shooters, and all-around scumbags helped themselves to anything not nailed down. I stood on a hill above San Pedro in Friendship Park and watched downtown L.A. and south central burn for three or four days and law and order was nowhere to be found. But - there were a few people who were able to defend themselves as you can see in the video below. And how? Because they were armed.

Several Korean shop and mall owners took matters into their own hands and defended their property against looters. In the video below you can see what happens when they made a stand. And there are several more videos available to illustrate my point. I can remember seeing shop owners shooting back at looters from a rooftop in defense of their lives and property while the police stood around watching. Black folks (shooters in the video below) in south central and elsewhere do not like Koreans for whatever reasons, real or imagined. There is no doubt in my mind many of the shop owners in this video might very well be dead if it weren't for the fact they were armed.

When push comes to shove and the authorities can or will do nothing we will only have ourselves to rely on. I've seen full fledged anarchy twice in my lifetime up close and personal. And in the upcoming year(s) we may see it again because of the George Zimmerman trial and perhaps because of Berry Soetero Hussein Omama and the upcoming election. I smell a rat and his name is democrat. I fully expect major fraud from the dems and Omama and the consequences could be violent. Take that to the bank.

So while assholes such as Michael Bloomberg and other politicians currently piss all over themselves pushing new gun-control laws in the aftermath of the Colorado shootings and tell the average schmuck on the street they have no right to bear arms, they can kiss my ass!

I seriously doubt mayor Bloomberg (who coincidentally has a nice entourage of ARMED bodyguards) has ever faced anything more violent than harsh language from a pissed off stockbroker. Hence, he has absolutely no moral authority to open his big fat fucking mouth. I have no intention of EVER becoming a statistic in some police crime report because of a politician's agenda-driven bullshit! Not in Los Angeles, not in New York, not anywhere!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Lies From Berry Soetero Hussein Omama

I saw this photo on Hot Air this morning and it begged for a caption. So I obliged.

Friday, July 27, 2012

They Lied... They Lied... They Lied..

they FUCKING lied! I'm talking about the entertainment industry, the lame stream media, my teachers, and last but not least - democrat politicians! 

When I say they lied I'm talking about the propaganda I was force-fed by liberals while growing up in the sixties. I was told again and again by the groups I mentioned above that the far-right and Conservatives would be the ones who'd take away my Constitutional rights. My teachers told me Republicans were the ones who'd silence me if I spoke up. I was told it would be the Conservatives who'd force me into group-think and make me conform. All of their lying liberal screeds were a steaming pile of bullshit and indoctrination! All it took was the Clinton administration to force we to wise up and grow up.

In the last few years I've read "Radical Son" by David Horowitz and "The New Thought Police" by Tammy Bruce. This is EXACTLY what Tammy and David were writing about. They have illustrated time and time again via their books and speeches what the left and liberalism is REALLY about - control! The left in America don't give a shit about individual rights. Individualism is the antithesis to all they believe. Ever hear of Communism?

I can't think of a better example to validate my above rant than the current flap over Chick-Fill-A. Here's a corporation that wants to open businesses in one city or another and we have ultra douchebag mayors such as Rahm Emanuel, Thomas Menino, Chicago alderman Joe Moreno, and the Jim Henson Muppet company who've decided they are the arbiters of what type of thinking and attitudes are correct and what's not. And all because Dan Cathy, president of Chick-Fill-A is openly in favor of traditional Christian values and openly against gay marriage. Not supporting gay marriage isn't company policy. It's just a personal viewpoint of Dan Cathy. Chick-Fill-A welcomes gay business. Even the consummate wankers of the ACLU have come out in favor of Chick-Fill-A. When the progressives donkey-dicks of the ACLU are on the side of Conservatives, you KNOW they're being fucked over.

Now bare in mind I've never been to a Chick-Fill-A in my life. I don't even know if there's one within ten miles of San Pedro. When I want chicken I go see the Colonel or I fry it myself. But if and when I want some chicken I don't want some idiot politician or agenda-driven asshole to decide where I can eat. This isn't New York and you fuckers in office don't get to make that choice for me. Bloomberg you fucking shit-stain - are you reading this? Nahh..

Once again we're seeing another profound example of what liberalism really represents. And all of the teachers, movies, magazines, newspapers, and democrat politicians can't lie about it or hide it any longer. It's out in the open (again) in all its PC ugliness for us to see. More than once I have posted that politically correct speech and liberal group-think is a disease that is infecting America. I pray that the hard working critically thinking Americans who are still left let themselves be heard and prevail in November. If not, we can kiss our great country and individualism bye bye. This type of thinking will end us.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jesus Jones - Right Here Right Now

Anyone remember 1991 and this song? It was a great time for the World and Jesus Jones put it into words. We'd just kicked the shit out of the Iraqis and ran their asses out of Kuwait. The Berlin Wall was gone. East Germans were free for the first time since WWII. The USSR fell. Eastern Europe was pulling back the iron curtain. WTF has happened since then? Liberalism, that's what.

It sure as hell wasn't democrats who helped accomplish the things I mentioned above. Does any sane person believe Berry Soetero Omama could EVER accomplish any of the things that happened between 1989-1991? Not in their wildest dreams.

Once again - thank you U.S. Armed Forces, Ronald Wilson Reagan, and George H.W. Bush. I pray that same great feeling will come again before I die. What a great time to be alive!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Beat Way To Defeat Omama Is To..

let him keep talking and impeach him with his own words

Omama will hang himself with his own bullshit! I've already said this a dozen or so times but it does bare repeating. As for the fifty-two percent of Americans who voted for the empty suit in chief the first time around - they'll most likely vote for his ass again. Only fools are easily fooled. The crucial factor to beating president Soetero is a very high Republican turnout and convincing undecided voters to wise up.

As we've seen for three and a half years, when the TOTUS speaks off the cuff he is LOST and often makes a fool out of himself. When he puked out the "you didn't build that" remark ten days ago we saw a great example. My guess is Omama is shitting in his pants at the thought of an upcoming series of debates. Here in the RNC video below is proof.

When You've Lost ICE-T...

you've lost the argument. The last, and I mean the very last person I ever thought I would be citing is a Rapper. I hate everything that Rap and Hip-Hop represents. I despise the hate and misogyny of the music. I despise the way Rappers advocate violence, shooting Cops, and especially the way rap trashes and disrespects women. I have always placed women on a pedestal. (to look up their dresses)

And who's asking the questions in the video below? A limey, that's who. I have a sneaking suspicion that in a generation or two the people of England will wish to God they WERE armed. They are slowly being assimilated and dominated by Muslim sharia and PC thinking and they're gonna regret it. Of all people, the English SHOULD be armed.

That said, even a world class douche such as ICE-T understands the Second Amendment. He understands why we NEED to have an armed populace. It's so simple a cave man could see it. I stole the link from Hot Air today.

Monday, July 23, 2012

RIP Sally Ride

I just read this and felt compelled to post. Sally Ride, along with any man or woman who straps themselves on to a million pounds of explosives is a HERO! She died of Pancreatic Cancer today. RIP brave lady.

Useless Factoid: The second American woman in space (if anyone remembers) was Dr Anna Fisher. And by coincidence she was raised right here in San Pedro Kalifornia. She graduated from San Pedro High School four years ahead of me but her Brother Richard was a very good friend of mine in school. We used to spend our lunch hours playing ping-pong and ranking on the black dudes by the gym building at Richard Henry Dana Junior High School.

Well That Didn't Take Too Long

Kalifornia's Train To Nowhere - the gift that keeps on giving... From American Thinker today.

Now that it's a done deal the nasty little strings attached to the Kalifornia "Train To Nowhere" are just beginning to surface. Looks like the donkey-dicks up in San Francisco are gonna have to pony up another $650 Million dollars (just to get the party started) to connect the high speed rail tunnel to San Francisco proper. Additional taxes are planned if the project is to be completed by.... 2028!  The initial estimate for the tunnel to be completed is $2.2 Billion. And those are preliminary. Remember, the initial estimates for the entire "Train To Nowhere" project have more than tripled in the four years since it was first approved/proposed. Estimate my ass!

And the ultimate joke on the liberals up North - the taxes will begin ASAP once and if they are approved. Fourteen years of taxes for something they won't even be able to use. Bwaa haa haa! Let's see if the assholes in the City By The Bay walk the walk when it comes to spending their own money on something so frivolous. They sure as hell don't give a shit when the shoe is on the other foot and others are paying the bill.

Personally, they can fucking walk for all I care. After all, we don't need all those nasty fossil fuels fouling the air.. do we?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where Did Syria Get Their WMD's?

Remember all the far left douchebags (redundancy check) parroting the chant "Bush lied - people died" when we became involved in Iraq? Well now it looks like they just may be full of shit. Then again we already know that.

Breitbart ran an article last week and American Thinker ran one today with both asking the question: where did the Syrians get their chemical weapons? Iraq maybe? Either way I eagerly await the liberal media to apologize to President Bush should this be prove true. But until it does happen I won't hold my breath.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

America Speaks! More Graphics Fun!

Click to enlarge
I thought I'd have some more political fun with a screen capture program and video-to-gif app I downloaded today. Sometimes I just get bored...

This animated gif above is actually a composite (sound familiar) of "the pissin guy" animated gif that's been floating around the web for many years and a jpg of Omama I found using a Google search. To create this graphic I first inserted a table (1 row, 1 column) using MS Front Page 2003 on my website and did a background fill using the color black. Then by pasting both images into the table with no space between them I got what you can see on my site. The table is still on my index page and although it looks like an animated gif it is an actual HTML table.

The graphic you're looking at above I created later. I used a screen capture program, Microsoft Expression 3 Screen Capture and Encoder. After saving the file I encoded it to a WMV format. After that I converted it with this program to the animated gif you see here. Quite a bit of work just for for a couple of seconds of graphic. Oh well - it's the thought that counts. Please feel free to steal the image.

Kalifornia's Train To Nowhere Sets Sail

It's official. The "train to nowhere" will be built. Oh, did I mention that Kalifornia is sixteen billion dollars in the red? This is absolute fucking insanity! Governor Moonbeam Brown signed the papers this week for the sixty-eight billion dollar project.

Now bare in mind the initial estimate for this abortion on rails was thirty-three billion dollars when voters approved the project in 2008. Then it grew to forty-billion. Now it's sixty-eight billion. But experts tell us the true final cost may exceed nearly one-hundred billion dollars. I have even read of estimates of nearly four-hundred billion dollars.

In the last month the cities of Mammoth Lakes, San Bernadino, and Stockton have filed for bankruptcy and our idiots in the State legislature (democrats) have gone ahead and approved the rail project anyway even though the voters of Kalifornia have expressed "buyers remorse". An estimated fifty-nine percent of Kalifornia's voters have changed their minds want the project to be re-voted. Even the liberal nitwits of the Left Coast know a con game when they see one.

Why this was approved now: Considering that the state was on the verge of losing 3.3 billion in federal stimulus funds for the system, it was time to "shit or get off the pot" for Governor Moonbeam. Oh, did I also mention the rail was to be built by union workers. You don't think this is some sort of democrat political pay-back do you? Although I haven't been able to find out where the cars will be constructed and the technology will come from, I'll go out on a limb and bet it's from somewhere in the world where the names aren't Smith or Jones. Asia? India? I WILL research this one.

And the environmentalists are having a fit over the fact that the governor has threatened waivers when it comes to environmental impact studies. By tying the project up in court with lawsuits even if the damn thing does get built it could be ten or twenty years in future when the actual cost will certainly go up. We're being sold a bill of political goods and the democraps here in the People's Republik of Kalifornia don't give a fuck. They're gonna shove this down our throats whether we want it or not. Sound familiar? Think Omama, the dems, and their "affordable health care act". 

In a perverse way I would actually like to see this fucking operation "rolling blunder" go ahead and get started. Once the state goes belly up from the cost and files for bankruptcy maybe, just maybe, we can regain our sanity, kick the douchebags out of office in Sacramento and get some people elected who give a shit. Nah, that'll never happen here.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Okay - I'll Play The Media's Blame Game

Tit for tat I guess you could say. In my previous rant I bitched about Brian Ross of ABC and his immediate latching onto the Tea Party in reference to the maniac who slaughtered twelve people in Colorado. Here's a more plausible scenario from Debbie Schlussel. The fucking idiot who did the shootings may have been associated with a fringe element of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Read more about it here.

If this proves to be true let's see how long it takes for the lamers in media to put this story out. Remember - these are the same assholes who are STILL describing the Muslim who bombed the Israeli bus in Bulgaria as a "caucasian male with long hair" Any bets?

A New York Minute...

That's about how long it took ABC "newsman" Brian Ross to "try" and tie the horrible Colorado shooting to a Tea Party member. I was sitting up early this morning working on my website when the story broke. The first, and I mean the VERY first thought that came to mind was "how long will it take for the assholes in the media to blame someone on the right". Well, it took a New York minute. That's how long.

I don't usually pay any attention to first reports because they are almost ALWAYS wrong. Especially in a story such as this with people in hysterics and reporters pissing all over themselves to get in the first reports - no matter how inaccurate they are. So even though ABC retracted and apologized for the Ross story here's a big fat FUCK YOU to the media for once again exposing their agenda. Bias? What bias?

Unionized City Workers And Bankruptcies

"This is a true story - I swear to God"

About fifteen years ago I was a service manager and line tech in an auto-repair shop here in San Pedro. We were located on fourteenth street and Pacific Ave. The shop is still there but under different management. Now during the course of around a six month period the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power sent out a crew to dig up fourteenth st and replace pipes, fix pipes, fix dirt, I still don't what the fuck this crew was doing. I was too busy WORKING to ask any of them. But I watched this "job" as it went down.

Here's what happened - the city workers dug up about a block or so of trench on fourteenth street and did the repairs. They then filled in the trench and were on their way. About a month or so after finishing they came back and did the exact same fucking thing again. They dug up the block and did what looked to be the same process all over again. And while this was going on the parking was totally fucked up. The shop had limited parking so this was a terrible hardship on us AND the neighborhood. A total fucking abortion is the only way to describe the situation.

Now not knowing what was actually wrong in the first place maybe it was necessary to do the job twice. Things can and do go wrong. Lord knows after nearly forty years in auto repair I can relate. My beef is the waste of man-hours and labor. As this crew was finishing up the work for the second time there must have been at least twenty guys operating just one back-hoe, a compressor, a generator, and a flatbed truck. Twenty fucking men for that?

Upon cleaning up, as they put the street back together, there was a small pothole that needed to be filled in. There were actually four men surrounding this one-foot square pothole and working four brooms to fill it in. The fucking hole was probably six inches deep. Four fucking men for all of this?

And my point is; as more and more cities across the U.S. and Kalifornia file for bankruptcy, when are we gonna see Los Angeles in the list? Don't tell me we're too big to fail here. With waste like I saw on this job it's only a matter of time. Oh, did I mention there were NO white guys on these crews either time they were out here? All I saw were blacks and hispanics. Or maybe I blinked and missed the white dudes. More affirmative action? Is the Pope a Catholic?

Fuck Los Angeles. The sooner it goes broke - the better. Then we can start all over and maybe this time they'll get it right. BTW, ask most anyone from San Peedro and they'll tell you the assholes in downtown L.A. suck!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Democrat Voter Fraud In America

Fellow Conservative blogger Right Wing Fringe had a great post this morning about democrap voter fraud. It's amazing how much a grass-roots blogger like Right Wing Fringe was able to dig up and yet official demcrap party dogma claims voter fraud is almost unheard of. Check it out here. Be prepared to wear your reading glasses and get a bag of popcorn. The list he posted is endless.

My New Webpage Is Up And Running

 Time to blow my own horn...

My new Website is just a simple series of screeds dedicated to ridding America of the liar and disease known as Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Omama - along with the people shit he's surrounded himself with. There's nothing better than being able to express yourself via the web. If you consider that the Lame Stream Media long ago abandoned and perverted the special status guaranteed to them via the Constitution, the information highway is one of the few ways left for a Conservative or Libertarian to be seen and heard. Thank God for Information Technology. If the media can't won't tell the truth about Omama we'll have to do if for them.

I've had websites with one theme or another since 1998. One was a humorous site bashing Hollywood, cliches, politicians, and then President Clinton. It also featured a Smokers Rights section (we do have some rights) and a dedicated server for trading Mp3 music files and Winamp skins I designed. I've setup FTP clients and servers for trading media of all types. I've also had a gardening site that I haven't maintained for a couple of years. And in 1999 I designed a web directory for a small business. It was designed as a Yahoo knock-off. It was quite professional looking and well done. Unfortunately the business went belly up.

Besides being a life-long professional auto tech I do have an A.S. in Computer Information Systems so it's not like I just rolled out of a turnip patch. Having a webpage is quite a bit of work - even simple homepages such as my older ones. Most of these sites have degraded over the years since I no longer maintain them. Depending on how I feel and how my new site turns out I'll probably be changing the damn thing on a daily basis. All websites have to maintained or they will deteriorate. I will keep this one current and updated.

I don't know what will happen in November with the election, but once Omama IS gone there will still be plenty of progressives in America and here on the Left Coast to deal with. Since I'm from the People's Republik Of Kalifornia I'm living in a target rich environment when it comes to working against liberal ideology. So please take some time and you can visit me here to have some fun. And in the process we can all work towards a common goal of dumping Omama and his socialist comrades in November. Now it's time to get cracking.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Van Morrison & Them - Mystic Eyes By jay93069

Great old song. This is a sort of Karaoke in reverse. We see the guitar playing of  jay 92069 and hear Van Morrison. This guy posts a lot of his guitar work on YouTube. Not being a player myself (I quit playing after trying to learn bar chords) I don't know how skilled he really is but this is a great song.

And BTW, anyone wanting to download YouTube music can do it. Check this out.

Friday, July 13, 2012

More Headlines We Wish We Could Read

What can I say. It's Friday night. I'm bored. I'm sober. I'm suffering from insomnia as usual so I thought I'd do a bit of image editing just for fun. Now back to that new website I'm working on. I'll post a link to it soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

All Dems, Wasserman-Schultz, Pelousy - STFU!

Just when I think I have a bloggers version of "writers block" the democrats go and say something stupid and provide me with a new and target-rich source of material.

Every time the assholes in my post title open their mouths, they justify and validate all of my posts on the stupidity and hypocrisy of the average democrap. In the last week Debbie "greasy hair" Wasserman Schultz, Nazi Pelousy, and other democraps have opined on Mitt Romney's Swiss bank accounts and alleged outsourcing of jobs via his tenure at Bain Capital.

All this shit is coming from a group of dems with very very dirty hands. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has made more than a couple of bucks investing in Asian markets AND in Swiss bank accounts. Nazi Pelousy has also done the same fucking thing. Factor in the shenanigans of Charlie Rangel, Marxine Waters, Chris Dodd, Bawney Fwank, and you could come to the conclusion the entire democrat party is corrupt ALONG with being lying hypocritical sacks of shit.

I have no problem with anyone using their brains and financial expertise to make a LEGAL buck. I would do the same. What is pissing me off is the "holier than thou" bullshit streaming out of the DNC and from other dems when they do the same exact thing. 

And while the dems are pointing fingers at Republicans who make their money the old fashioned way they ought to take a hard look at some of their own. Let's take the Kennedy family for example. The Kennedy's are the patron saints of the democrats and a large part of their fortune may have been made bootlegging liquor during Prohibition. And we might also consider that strong evidence exists that the Kennedy's and Lyndon Johnson stole the 1960 Presidential election from Nixon via the corrupt actions of their Chicago (sound familiar) cronies. And while we're at it let's take a look at FDR and executive order 9066 to send loyal Japanese families (along with a small number of Italian and Germans) to concentration camps all over America during WWII. When it comes to moral authority the democrats have NONE!

The dems have blood and dirt on their hands and they need to SHUT THE FUCK UP or else do some serious explaining to the American people. I'm sick and tired of ALL of our lying politicians who point fingers while being guilty of the same fucking thing! Fuck you Nazi Pelousy and the Prius you rode in on. And the same goes for all your progressive lying douchebag (redundancy check) asshole friends in Congress and the DNC!

Revolution anyone?

Lighthouse - One Fine Morning

If you're old enough to remember when this song came out you're pretty fucking old. Just kidding...

This song came out (1971) in my Senior year in High School. If you include music by early versions of Chicago and Blood Sweat & Tears, it's probably as close as Rock N Roll came to fusing with Jazz and Big Band music. I guess you could call these guys one-hit wonders. But it sure was a great song.

BTW - this is NOT a cover band. It IS Lighthouse. Not bad for a bunch of guys in their late sixties and early seventies. The performance is from March, 2012 and they're still rocking.

Now Hear This!

The closer to November we come, the more we need to hear the message below. An assault on our Constitution is happening NOW and we need to act! The Gunny over at the Anti-Liberal Zone posted this video and we all need to watch, listen, and ACT on it in November.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Where Are They Now - Bernhard Goetz & Four DB's

I'm gonna have some fun and do a series of "where are they now" posts. It's an effort to keep the Constitutional fires burning and gin up support for the Second Amendment. Since the United Nations, Berry Omama, and Eric Holder are pissing all over themselves in an Unconstitutional effort to surreptitiously ban guns - guns will be a large part of today's topic.  This post will be on Bernhard Goetz and the four assholes who assaulted him.

"They brought a screwdriver to a gunfight": On a New York City subway in 1984 Bernhard Goetz was assaulted by four black teenagers carrying a screwdriver. They demanded/requested (depends on whose version you believe) money. Goetz responded by shooting each one with a .38 Smith & Wesson. After having been previously assaulted in 1981 Goetz made a decision to arm himself with a handgun. In NY carrying a concealed weapon is illegal without a permit. And permits are just about impossible for the average citizen to obtain. But Goetz made a conscious decision to defend himself despite the law. Without his .38 S&W one could argue he would be dead today.

With a crime rate seventy percent higher than the rest of the U.S., New York City was one of the most violent cities in America. And in 1984 Goetz had admittedly had enough after his first assault. He did what any sane person would do - he armed himself. Without the handgun to defend himself, Goetz may have just been another statistic in the NY Times.

Goetz was later convicted for carrying an unlicensed firearm. Although he served no time for the shootings he served eight months on the illegal weapons charge. In a later civil suit he was ordered to pay forty-three million dollars to one of his victims. As of this post he had not paid one cent. Today Bernhard Goetz lives in New York City and runs/owns an electronics store. And he has no regrets about his actions.

Where are the four who assaulted Goetz: (From Wikipedia) .....
In March 1985, soon after being released from the hospital for the treatment of his gunshot wound, James Ramseur falsely reported to police that two men hired by Goetz had kidnapped and attempted to kill him but was not charged in this hoax. In May 1985, Ramseur held the gun while an associate raped Ramseur and robbed a pregnant eighteen-year-old woman on the rooftop of the Bronx building where he lived, and in 1986 was sentenced to 8 13 to 25 years in prison. According to the inmate search site, Ramseur served his sentence and was released in July, 2010. Ramseur was found dead of a drug overdose, in an apparent suicide, in a Bronx, New York motel room on December 22, 2011, the 27th anniversary of the incident on the number 2 train.

Barry Allen committed two robberies after the shooting, one of them a 1986 chain snatching in the elevator of the building where he lived. The second arrest, in May, 1991, brought him a sentence of three and a half to seven years for probation violation and third degree robbery. He was released on parole in December, 1995.

After a number of minor arrests for petty offenses, Troy Canty was ordered to undergo an 18 month drug treatment program at a rehabilitation center, which he completed in 1989. He was later charged with assault, robbery, and resisting arrest in an altercation with his common-law wife in August, 1996, but was not convicted and did not serve time.

Darrell Cabey remains paralyzed from the waist down and is allegedly brain damaged from the results of the shooting. Goetz denies that Cabey is as profoundly brain damaged as he claims and is to a large part faking his condition.

If the United Nations, Eric Holder, and Berry Omama have their way handguns and sporting rifles will be banned in America and Bernhard Goetz would quite possibly be dead. And what of the four douchebags who assaulted Goetz? They probably would have live the same stupid meaningless lives and been involved in the same criminal lifestyles. Just a guess.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Can Anyone Explain This To Me?

Morgan Freeman said something yesterday that got me thinking...

In the last four years I have seen and read almost nothing but praise and undying support for Berry Omama from an overwhelming majority of black folks in America. I must be stupid because I just don't understand their blind faith in a president who is no more representative of American blacks than I am of the Norwegians. First black president? No. But - Omama can arguably be said to be our first socialist president.

As the Presidential election heats up the lame stream media have trotted out an assortment of so-called "black leaders" who are more than willing to rationalize and justify Omama's lies in the name of seeing him re-elected. The devotion to Omama borders on pathological. And yet these same media sycophants (with the exception of FOX) seem to largely ignore people like Allen West, Larry Elder, Alonzo Rachel and Thomas Sowell who do represent traditional American values and hard work.

Consider this: Omama just made one of his "executive decisions" two weeks ago granting de-facto immunity from deportation to nearly one-million illegals in this country. Since most of these "immigrants" consist of unskilled labor they will almost certainly be in line for entry-level jobs. These are the very jobs poor blacks USED to hold. It seems to be Omama is more concerned with people that have no legal or moral right to be in this country than he holds for American citizens. I haven't seen or read to much outrage or reaction on this little tidbit from the black community. Or maybe I just missed it.

Another curious position of black support for Omama is his stand on gay marriage. That seems to run counter to almost every church in the black community. That's not my view - it's the mainstream view of almost all AME and Baptist churches. But it seems blacks are willing to ignore this position also.

And via their entitlement policies, Omama and the democrats seem to be more interested in handing out welfare checks instead of paychecks to black folks. Or is it just me noticing the giveaways? When one considers what blacks have actually achieved in America by being in the pocket of the democrat party you have to wonder just what the fuck is going on. 

As far as Omama's claim to "blackness" - if you want to go by life-experiences and culture I'm blacker than Omama. I grew up (for the most part) in a single parent home. I was raised on welfare, attended mostly black schools (Lincoln Elementary and Franklin Jr High) in Long Beach Kalifornia until the age of twelve. And during my lifetime I've probably had more black friends than Omama will EVER have. I can also guarantee you I have more knowledge in my big toe about Motown, NBA Basketball, Soul food (which by the way is Southern food) and sports in general than Omama has in his entire body. "First Black President" my ass!

And yet most American blacks love this fucking liar who's posing as Commander In Chief, splitting America in two and shitting on the Constitution on a daily basis. I just don't get it. Or... could this blind faith and devotion be all about race? If you consider that NO political demographic votes at a ninety-five percent ratio (except for American blacks in 2008) is this a race thing? I thought only whites were racist. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here. I need to know.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

When It Rains It Fucking Pours!

Man I can't catch a break lately. Last Saturday when uninstalling a huge program (Corel Video Studio) my computer locked up and corrupted the Master File Table. The end result was three-hundred gigs of software, music, and video went sailing off into cyber space and out of my secondary D drive.

On Tuesday my brand new LiteOn DVD burner (which was a Father's Day present from Mrs B) decided to bite the bullet thanks to an exploding data DVD. After thirteen years of burning CD and DVD discs it's my first one to actually come apart. Even something as small and light as a DVD-Rom will do some serious damage if it grenades at fifty-thousand RPM. Why in the fuck didn't the damn thing have the decency to blow up in my old drive! Now I have to go out and buy a brand new burner less than three weeks after getting ... A BRAND NEW BURNER! 

And to top off all of this shit I have what may or may not be a virus or software conflict. My computer is crashing as if it has a bad memory stick. Either that or the CPU is getting too hot. I ran some on-line tests to check both out and the results are negative. But ... I know the Windows prompts and messages when a system runs out of memory (resources) and it ain't looking good. I'm thoroughly confused and pissed.

And now for the latest indignity - I'm now getting a "Flash Player Script Error" prompt/message every time I do a new post here on Blogspot or view my blog posts. WTF! I guess it's time to do another wipe and format and start all over. SHIT!

I'm blaming all of this shit on Chief Justice John Roberts. Everything was fine until he rendered his idiot decision.

The Difference Between Berry Soetero & Allen West

                     Allen West                                   Berry Soetero Hussein Omama
Here's one of my favorite political images. It does a wonderful job of illustrating how a Commander In Chief should look and act, as opposed to the Socialist shit-stain we're actually stuck with. See the difference?

Colonel Allen West made some very profound remarks yesterday about the Founding Fathers in a Fourth Of July speech in Florida. While president Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Omama is renowned for apologizing to our enemies, Col. West is famous for holding a gun to the head of a terrorist and protecting American troops in the process. Allen West understands America far better than president "Choom".

From Col. West: " The 56 rebels knew they very well might be hanged for what they were about to do. As lawyers, merchants, farmers and landowners, they had plenty to lose. Fighting against an imperial ruler, they had everything to gain.

They were embarking on an adventure – not only because they were revolting against their own government and fighting outmanned and outgunned against a superior military – but because they were creating a radical approach to self-governance.

The 56 men who signed our Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, knew the only way they ever would be successful in their audacious plan was if they stood together. As Benjamin Franklin said at the signing, “if we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.”

Our founders shared a unified vision for our nation. They understood that unity of the many was necessary to uphold the sovereignty of the individual and the fundamental, unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

To ensure the sovereignty of each individual American, our Founding Fathers knew the country would have to be unified on certain principles and values: a limited constitutional government, a free market, a respect for “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” and a strong national defense."

Factoid: Col. West not only talks the talk - he walks the walk. When given the choice between American lives or the politically correct policies of our Military strategy in Iraq, Col. West erred on the side of American Soldiers and held a gun to the head of Iraqi policeman Yehiya Kadoori Hamoodi who had information on enemy activities. Although there is still some controversy surrounding the various versions of the story no one can question Allen West's motives. Ever!

And this my friends is just one glaring example out of dozens showing the difference between Allen West and Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Omama - or a Conservative and a progressive. Get the picture!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Any Computer Nerds Out There Reading This? Help!

Yesterday I did a download and install of Corel Video Studio trial to see if I could clean up some of my old Rock videos. It was a huge 1.2 gigabyte download and took quite a while. Although my P.C. met the minimum requirements to run this monster program I found it to be very slow and what is often referred to as "bloatware". IOW the program was too big for its britches. After about an hour of editing videos and seeing my machine struggle to run this program I decided to uninstall the damn thing.

Here's where the fun began. During the uninstall my computer just hung up and stalled. After letting the program uninstaller try to run and while sitting on my ass to watch the Olympic Trials on TV it locked at eighty percent. I did what most anyone would do - I did a "control-alt-delete" to try and restart my computer. When that didn't work I just hit the re-set button and thought I would be in business. Upon rebooting I went back into my second hard drive to find another video editing program and low and behold my "D" drive was "corrupt". I decided to do a scan of the drive and I get a Windows message that my "master file table is corrupt". IOW I can no longer access my second hard drive. Five-hundred gigabytes of data seem to have disappeared into cyber space. All because of a corrupt uninstall of a fucked up program.

Now I'm facing a wipe and re-format of the "D" drive. That is assuming it isn't actually physically damaged (I don't think so) from the uninstall of the program. And every fucking thing I have done to recover the master file table has been to no avail. Bare in mind I an NOT a novice when it comes to computers. I have an A.S. in computer information systems and build the damn things just for fun. But this problem is stopping me cold! Do any of the few posters I get here have any ideas? Before I attack this problem with a sledge-hammer can anyone out there come up with a more subtle solution?

The only good thing about this: the data isn't lost. I burn and backup everything to DVD. My problem is having to sit here and add everything back. That will take at least twelve hours of nothing but feeding DVD's and CD's into the drive and copying it back. I am NOT looking forward to that. HELP!!!!

Addendum: I've already been on the internet and tried every damn solution I could find to no avail.